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The Yamashita Treasures, believed to be a vast collection of treasures looted in many parts of SouthEast Asia by the Japanese forces led by General Tomoyuki ‘the Tiger of Malaya’ Yamashita during the Second World War. According to popular belief, these ill-gotten riches are strategically hidden by the remaining Japanese forces in the Philippines during the last days of World War II at the order of General Yamashita himself when transport of these ‘Asian treasures’ back to Japan became much too difficult because of the Allied blockade of the Philippine seas at the time of the war.

One of the most popular cases connected to the controversial Yamashita treasures in the Philippines was the ‘alleged discovery’ of the mysterious ‘Golden Buddha’ in the 1970’s by a group of amateur treasure hunters from Baguio City led by Rogelio Roxas. The ‘Golden Buddha’ found by Roxas and his men was described to be as a ‘3 feet high effigy of Buddha’ made from ’20 carat solid gold’ and weighing at around 1,000 kilograms. This prized ‘Buddha image’ was said to be ‘only part of a huge collection of treasures’ found by the Roxas group during their treasure hunting expedition. According to the reports gathered at the time of their findings, the group also found multiple stacks of boxes or ‘crates’ hidden in the chambers where they found the ‘Golden Statue of Buddha’. Inside the boxes, the group found numerous gold bars estimated to worth not less than a million US dollars.

Here is a great two part documentary video series detailing the history, the controversy surrounding the event, and the aftermath connected to the discovery of Rogelio Roxas’ famous and mystifying Yamashita treasure ‘Golden Buddha’.

Part 1

Part 2


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