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Yamashita's Gold

The legendary Yamashita treasure, said to be a collection of gold, jewels, and precious artifacts amassed by the Japanese forces during World War II mostly in the South Eastern part of Asia, is believed to be hidden by some of the remnants of the Japanese army near the end of second world war in northern parts of Luzon, central Luzon, parts of the Tagalog region, and the Mindoro island.

The treasure was named after Tomoyuki Yamashita, nicknamed the “Tiger of Malaya”. Yamashita was a prominent Japanese general of the Imperial Army of Japan and is famous for his successful invasion of the Malayan British colonial region in south East Asia as well as Singapore. He was also one of the last commanding generals of Japan assigned in the Philippines before Japan’s imminent surrender to the liberating American forces in 1945.

It is believed by some treasure hunters and war historians that General Yamashita and his commanding army acquired billions of dollars worth of treasures containing gold, jewels, and rare archeological artifacts during their stint in the Malayan region. These treasures were mostly obtained in Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia-Vietnam, and Singapore. When Yamashita was stationed in the Philippines in 1944, some of the theorists believed that he ordered the shipment of these treasure loots from the Malayan region to the Philippines in preparation for its final transport to Japan, but before the planned shipment to the land of the rising sun, Yamashita and the rest of the Japanese forces in the Philippines were defeated by the united American and Filipino soldiers. However, the remaining Japanese forces, as ordered by Yamashita before their downfall, hastily buried the legendary treasures secretly in caves and underground caverns and drew complex maps for later retrieval. The retrieval did not happened as planned because General Tomoyuki Yamashita was tried for his war crimes and was executed in Los Baños, Laguna on February 23, 1946.

During the height of treasure hunting in the Philippines in the 60′s and the 70′s, some of these treasure hunters claimed they have acquired maps from old Japanese soldiers and relatives that showed the secret location of the said treasures of Yamashita. One such hunter, named Rogelio Roxas, claimed that in 1971, he and his team found the location of the Yamashita treasure near Baguio City were he found underground chambers containing boxes of gold bullions and a golden buddha made from 20 carat solid gold.


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  1. sandra407 Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. Byron 5800651 Says:

    I intentionally surfed for phil treasures and found your blog. Did the japanese cave in also treasures at Aurora Prov ?

  3. Byron 5800651 Says:

    They’re going crazy about it.

  4. Mac Says:

    I admire ur catch, but if u need a real Jap treasure around not only Yamash’ta had buried treasure hoards as well as Jap Generals/officers arrived long before Yamas ta!

    Try to find me to guide u the real site of ur long quest of tons of Gold!!!


  5. Gboy Says:


    yes, there are some treasure sites also in Aurora, thats why some Japanese investor are in there…see attach treasure sites below:


    1.LUZON ISLAND (Estimated. treasure volume)

    1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    3) El Sombrero Treasure 1 (very large)
    4) El Sombrero treasure 2 (very large)
    5) Secrets of Digoyo (very large)
    6) Mt. Billionaire (very large)
    7) Gen. Tamaso Cache (very large)
    8) Gen. Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    9) Sinkhole Cave (very large)
    10) PB Cave (very large)
    11) Gen. Yakoko Treasure (large)
    12) Secret Airstrip 1 (large)
    13) Snake Cave Treasure (medium)
    14) Padlock Cave (medium)
    15) Caged Budha Cave (small)
    16) 3 G. Budha Cave (small)
    17) Underground Cave Temple (small)
    18) 5 Lonely Tomb Cave (small)

    19) Tokyo 2 Tunnel (very large)
    20) Japs Jungle Base Camp (large)
    21) Callao Secret (large)
    22) School Secret Treasure (medium)
    23) Prado’s Court (medium)
    24) Springfield Tunnel (medium)
    25) Japs Plane Hangar treasure (medium)
    26) Cargo Truck Tunnel (medium)
    27) Church Secret Treasure (medium)
    28) Skull Tunnel Treasure (medium)
    29) Masoc / Grandfather Treasure (medium)
    30) Egg Cave Treasure (medium)
    31) Zapote Tree Secret (small)
    32) Mango Tree Secret (small)
    33) Santolan Tree Secret (small)
    34) Tamarind tree Secret (small)
    35) Lamp Light Treasure 1 (small)
    36) Lamp Light Treasure 2 (small)
    37) Peroz Road Treasure (small)
    38) Triangle Bridge Treasure (small)
    39) Japs Flag Treasure 1 (small)
    40) Japs Flag Treasure 2 (small)
    41) Japs Execution Camp Treasure (small)
    42) Mango Hill Treasure (small)
    43) Japs Cargo Plane 1 (small)
    44) Japs Cargo Plane 2 (small)
    46) Eagle Rock Treasure (small)

    46) 2-Metal Box (small)
    47) Underwater Golden Budha (small)
    48) El Diablo Island Secret (small)

    49) Seven General Treasure (very large)
    50) Three Gen. Treasure of Tagurano (very large)
    51) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Mundo Hill (very large)
    52) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Panabo (large)
    53) Gen. Sakura Treasure (large)
    54) Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure (large)
    55) Gen. Kutamura Treasure (large)
    56) Gen. Teruya Treasure (large)
    57) Gen. Yamada Treasure (large)
    58) Gen. Murakami Treasure (large)
    59) Adm. Nakone Treasure (large)
    60) Adm. Igie Treasure (large)
    61) Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure (large)
    62) Col. Yamaguchi Treasure (large)
    63) Lt. Ohata Treasure (medium)
    64) Secrets Of Carmen (small)
    65) Secrets of Cuyo Island (small)
    66) Secrets of Dalirig (small)
    67) Secrets of Dagat K Dabaw (small)
    68) Secrets of Lake Sebu (small)
    69) Secrets of Lake Venado (small)
    70) Secrets of Lipadas (small)
    71) Secrets of Makilo Ranges (large)
    72) Secrets of Mt. Apo (large)
    73) Secrets of Namnam (small)
    74) Secrets of Pangantucan (large)
    75) Secrets of Raware (medium)
    76) Secrets of Silae (small)
    77) Secrets of Sinuda (small)
    78) Secrets of Tamugan (medium)
    79) Secrets of Upian 1 and 2 (medium)
    80) Nubos Treasure (medium)
    81) Takahashi Butai Treasure (very large)
    82) Kashibaora / Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    83) 10th Buntai Treasure (medium)
    84) Horse Cave Treasure (small)
    85) Crocodile Cave Treasure (medium)
    86) Giant Lizard Cave Treasure (medium)
    87) Madapo Hill Treasure (small)
    88) Kiakol Treasure (small)
    89) Todaya Treasure (medium)
    90) Crown of Cambodia (medium)
    91) Djakarta Tunnel (very large)
    92) Medusa Tunnel (small)
    93) Tunnel 9 (very large)
    94) Lying Lady Mountain (medium)
    95) Golden Budha of St. Francis (small)
    96) 3 –Chained /Wired Tomb (small)
    97) Lonely Tomb of Talomo (small)
    98) Lonely Tomb of St. Ines (small)
    99) Lonely Tomb of Luban (small)
    100) Sea Tomb of Luban (small)
    101) 15 lonely Tomb of Wao (medium)
    102) Samurai Tomb (small)
    103) Sinkhole Tomb and Box (small)
    104) Mysterious Jungle Steel Crate (small)
    105) Waterfalls of Block (small)
    106) Foxhole of Umayam (small)
    107) Swimming Horse of Kisawi (small)
    108) Underground Horse of Mt. Magolo (medium)
    109) Tabokno Falls treasure (small)
    110) Gandara Secret (small)
    111) St. Vincent Secret (small)

    112) Siwa Maru,D Island Ship(very large)
    113) Tikang Maru (large)
    114) Sakima Maru (large)
    115) Maru of the Orient 3 (large)
    116) Capt. Kimura 6 ships (very large)
    117) Mini Submarine (small)
    118) Camouflage Submarine (medium)
    119) Cliff wall Submarine (medium)
    120) Underground Submarine base (large)
    121) Runway Edge Sea Vault (small)
    122) Daibatsu of Ginoog and Davao Gulf (large)

    1) Treasure volume: small (1-10 tons), medium (20-50 tons), large (50-100 tons), very large (above 100 tons). Estimated volume of treasure may change.
    2) These are the treasure leads and information we have accumulated thru more than 20 years of extensive treasure research, exploration, actual operation, interviews of Japs / Filipino veterans, maps, live pointers and natives.
    3) These are the combination of different type of treasures sites….buried (shallow/deep), tunnel, caves (open, closed, waterfalls, underwater), ship and submarine wrecks, tombs, statues, school, church, etc. In different kind of terrain in the Philippines…town, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, caves, rivers, sea…etc.
    4) These suspected treasure sites have different stages of operation: for diggings, exploration, recovery, relocation…etc.
    5) Its our team that names these suspected treasure sites for easy reference.

  6. jaspere Says:

    ei…where can we find all these treasures sites..those specially in davao…

  7. jaspere Says:

    Gboy please contact me..where are all these sites u me at

  8. getbacker Says:

    GBOY…wow! do not spread your virus anymore, ok? you scammer…so STOP it!

  9. Cheyt Says:


    I’m very well financed. Email me. I’m interested. Write me at

  10. gideon Says:

    good day! we have a good t. site in the mountains of tagum city, beside the hill a big rock ( about 7 ft. tall) and beneath the big rock a file of rocks lined. just same was describe in other plane under 1500 gold bars & nuggets. at the left end of filed rocks ( 4x bigger than head of a person) above on it is an old big tree. which said the portal is just beneath the old tree, that area is covered with diff. sizes of rocks.
    please help us and guide us….
    if how long will be the entrance…

  11. jj Says:

    do you have some information about treasures hidden under water in Sogod Bay area in Sothern Leyte?

  12. David Says:

    Good videos on the topic:

  13. MARC Says:

    Hi I met a retired 1941 US Veteran (Phil) Soldier here in USA and he had a treasure location in Luzon.His dream before he leave in this world is to dig the place. What do you think?

  14. hidden treasure Says:

    we are surveying the area and we found some of the sign and symbols. we had private property mountain which we own and our grandparents told us about the land is one of the area camp of japanesse in 1945 and seems they are telling some stories about it. and one of the old ones they told us it has a treasure we survey the area and we found some of the symbols 0C8 W on a stone pointing…what does it mean??please reply….

  15. malikh cruz Says:

    i was born a province in northern luzon in the region where gen. yamashita was captured. lots of treasure hunters have ongoing projects in our province. during my teenage days we did hunting on our own. we didn’t finish any projects coz of financial reasons. but we did find some semi precious gems and stone markers in some of the sites. i live in UK now but i know some of the un-explored site. you can email me at those treasures should be found.

  16. champoy Says:

    Hi to all,

    I think we found a big deposite, gusto nyo makita ang signs? email me

    we also need a trusted financers here in negros… just email me…

  17. france Says:

    ano ang simbolo ng pagong

  18. jcc Says:

    sooner u will my sites many markings and signs.. gudluck

  19. MAVERICKOO7 Says:

    gud day,
    hello everyone…thanks 4 all ur blogs…atlast we found the 3 generals treasure here in tagurano..god bless u all.EUREKA!!!!

  20. Gboy Says:


    We have a new Yam TH forum playground SPINDLE EXPLORATIONS TREASURE FORUM….every pinoy treasure hunters is invited….

  21. mmm Says:

    plss look to the website “”

  22. liza Says:

    good day sir!Im from panabo area.Do me a favor please.Do you have some information where in panabo we can find this treasure??? Pls email me.Thank you

  23. bob Says:

    what purpose a doube h in sign?

  24. J.Villanueva Says:

    I’m operating a site somewhere in the province of Rizal. At 100ft., we were able to find a brass box (50cm x 50cm x 50cm) approximately weighing 2 tons.(pictures of which i can provide interested parties). When we were trying to pull said box up using a chainblock and steel cables, the cables snapped. Several safety measures need to be done to continue the project. Anybody interested in financing said project is welcome. Most if not all, are still in their Search phase while this one is already in the retrieval phase. For details pls. email me at

  25. sweet Says:

    hi..i would like to ask anyone who knows what is the meaning of a stone formed of “dick” organ of man. my father found it while they were digging a suspected treasure site.pls email me.thank u.

  26. noel hug Says:

    if only if the Secrets of Pangantucan (large)is true,presently they are digging on it near a river,a small hill with some japanese characters on it near a tunnel….what do say about these?

  27. Gboy Says:

    Noel Hug,

    Of course…Treasure of Pangantucan is true….a local live pointer was able to personally saw the gold stockpile with 3 golden budhas decades ago. It was not buried thats why those who dig will never found it, bcoz it was hidden inside a…SECRET !!

  28. enad Says:

    sir,im from abucay bataan, alot of story here in abucay about yamashita treasure wich is also true and retrieved some of this treasure by tha japs. name, capt.makki. and also there a japs marker here w/c i know but i dont know the meaning. can u give some of the marking or symbol’s meaning. like a set of 1x1and 1inch deep square form like this “>” seven on the right side and seven on the other side w/c is curve on the big stone.tnx and more power

  29. Ona Says:

    Sir a pleasant day,

    Im one of the filipino who believed treasure from japanese (gold bars & jewelries) varied here in the philippines during during World War II. Last 28 June 2010 I found an alphabet letter which whom i believed treasure sign. The letter is V C L I written in smooth stone with 8ft high along the creek in mountainous area of Bayugan Agusan del sur in the philippines. distance between letters is 2 inches.
    Sir, would I asked some favor, if you can help me to interpret the maening of this treasure sign, where we can find the door the exact location of hidden treasure. As I observed there were two ( 2) times hilecopters who’s route of flight is going down in the creek.
    Wish your help before other people could locate the treasure
    Any negotiation is highly appreciate.

    Thank you so much for any response

    Sincerely yours,

  30. peacemaker Says:

    anybody knows what is meant by a mark letter G and D 38 engraved on rock wall,,,also a real anchor pointed down underground.

    please email me

  31. bob Says:

    txt 09206773001,to help analyze the your signs and markings .i will try .

  32. dodz Says:

    need copy of treasure sign and markings go to”

  33. alponso trinidad Says:

    sir nktuklas ako ng cave d2 minduro, mga 40mtr ang layo sa butas. sa dead end ng tunnel m malaking concreate cement na korting heart. ung cement kaya ko nsv dahil m boulders na bato na nkasama don sa buhos ng cement clarong claro tlaga na cemento. pag htide 1/4 nalubog sa tubig. pag low tide wlang tubig. mron b mga boo=boytrap pagbinasag nmin ang bato. hingi ako na advivice kung pano basagin ang bato cemento. alptri@yahoo

  34. bsr davao Says:

    to all th hunter,
    ang site namin ay sa talikud island,ang hukay namin ay umabot na ng 8feet.bale yong mocking lang na tinabunan ng hapon ang hinukay namin,may nakita na kami na marker sa ilalim stainless steel,may naka engraved na kanji character,at isang jolen,o marble sa english naka patong,dark blue ang kulay,at ang pinaka matindi,skeleton ng isang tao,sa ngayon stop muna kami kasi,naobosan kami ng funding.ang expenses po sa site na ito ay pang kain lang sa diggers,3 days lang ang operation dito,may mga mark at sign din na makita sa po ang area na ito,kasi private property kasi ito.kung sino kursunada diha,tex me 0921-744-8533.or email me

  35. don Says:

    i see some Treasure sign here in Bohol if you are interested just contact me @ 09193275380.

  36. curlyhair29 Says:

    after many years of digging, we reach the dummy which is full of sands, after that we kip on digging unlti we reach the first hard lock which is composed of pile stones under the yellow clay with so much poison that even a flashlight won’t function. Until we dig almost seven hardlock in every 5ft of interval, the last hardlock was about 8ft ang kapal at after that, black sand na mga almost 200ft na po from the dummy na puro black sand and we hit the big stone with a arrow pointing down… I just wanna ask if we are near to the truth or what?..Masyadong malalim na po ang tunnel at dilikado ng pasukin.. Sana may makatulong o makasagot sa tanong ko, positive na po ba malapit na kami sa object?…pls email me @…God bless at maraming salamat poh!:)

  37. walter Says:

    we have a site in panabo where we have found a box in around 30 ft deep. the box is made four pieces of plywood covered with sheet metal as we opened the box its not gold bars inside but blue powder. we really dont know what is this blue powder but at the very center of the box there is a frying pan standing by its diameter, the convex side faces a drinking glass with names of three jap coronels engrave. what do you think is the meaning of the frying pan and glass arrangement. where do you think would be our next direction of digging. we know that this is a real japanese treasure site because the old man here is present during that time. the only sign that old man told us is the mound of gravel that the japs used and the spillage of its mixture going to our vertical hole/shaft. actually what we are looking for is the concrete that the japs make. right now the water is around 7 feet deep or more. we dont have high tech gadgets so we rely only on health, and we dont know yet what lies ahead, and if we face some difficulties in the future, i hope this site can help us in the funding…

    so good luck to all of us here.

  38. Roberto Saling Says:

    your blog is interesting i always read it hope you help me trease other gold in lake sebu, south cotabato.i see it in your ducmentation.thanks…

  39. Gray Says:

    kalokohan yan..

  40. Gray Says:

    sayang lang ang panahon natin dyan.. pobre na ako ngayon dahil dyan

  41. russel Says:

    gboy. pas cement na ba ang natagpuan sa site sa ilalim ng hukay may bomba ba ang mismong item?

  42. marzbuts Says:

    me nahukay kami somewhere sa mataas na bahagi nang missamis occindental malapit sa river.sinundan namin ung nakita naming marking na hugis mata “eye” pointing pababa sa 3 malaking bato na naka arrange sa hugis triangle..naka kuha kami nang mga bato na mai mga hugis heart(puso),W engraved in a river stone,naka ukit na square hole sa gitna sa isang triagle na bato.etc…pagdating sa 8ft nakuha namin maraming malalaking BOLA na gawa sa rubber na nakakadena sinlaki nang hinlalaki….at loob nun grayish-white na lupa,mabigat at malamig na mai nakahalong kumikinang na dust…pinag hihinalaan aming baka ito’y isang rich platinum deposit na kilngan pang e-process..
    sa ngayon pinasusuri na namin sa isang malaking unibersidad nang mindanao..baka isa itong platinum na mas higit pa ang halaga kaysa ginto..kasalukuyang naka imbak sa bodega namin sin dami nang 100 sako nang bigas…to any1 interested email me

  43. Champoy Says:

    Hi Guys!

    Ask ko lang sa mga treasure hunters, naghukay yung kaibigan ko dahil may sign XO. Tapos nakahukay sya ng uling. Anong ibig sabihin non? Malapit naba yun? gusto ko lang marinig yung opinion nyo… tnx

  44. lonarm Says:

    Hi, sa mga thunters! para kay champoy, if the sign is engraved na pwedeng pumasok ang likod ng ballpen good sign yan at kung maliit lang na parang sa sulat ng ballpen natural yan, pag ang uling na nakita nyo ay madami at sinundan ng mga nakaayos na mga bato, masabing mong positive sign.pero hindi ibig sabihin na dahil sa uling malapit na.ilang metro ba ang hukay nyo mula sa marker na XO? isa pa paalala lang ang marker ay hindi nagiisa madami yan nagtutulungan, isa nagsasabing may ginto ex. 13 o B at ang mga iba ay pointer. may picture ka ba sa marker mo? para sasabihin ko kung natural o man made?

  45. Cris Says:

    hi champoy…yung uling na yun, yun na yung treasure na hinahanap nyu. Yun ang unfinished product for the gold. Nagmamadali sila nuon na ibaon na yung treasure kasi paparating mga americano. Ipunin nyu ung uling na yun tapos ipasuri. Good luck!

  46. sweetcorn Says:

    hello lonarm,cris and to all the guys here.meron din samin katulad sinabi ni marzbuts.Maliit pako nakakita ako ng engrave japanese writings tapos ngayong 37 na ako dun ko natatandaan ung japanese writings na un pro inalis na nang papa ko pra walang makakita,pero ang location na yon natatandaan ko parin sa ngayon.Meron ding eye na nakaukit sa bato at katabi nito ay may nakaukit din na hand sign which means budda,ang pointing marker na eye ay nakatingin sa isang malaking triangle na bato at katabi rin sa triangle na bato ay may shape na oblong na bato.Tapos sa below naman nang eye at hand sign may star apple din doon at doon nakaukit ang arrow sign.Ano sa tingin nyo???I need some advice or help on this…
    please reply me sa yahoo ko..

  47. sweetcorn Says:

    sa isang friend ko meron ding sign nakita nila which is an eagle sign ano po ba iyon? San po ba ako makakita nang japanese codes dito????waiting for reply..thanks

  48. hermenegildo sanchez Says:

    MEANING OF FRYING PAN AND GLASS OF WATER IS,hanapinmo yung location parang forma nang pool orwater kasi yan ang ibig sabihin,doon naka deposito ang buried trasure sa gilid ng pool. you use compass and scalind method proceedind towards 45 degrees north east. upon reaching that area hanapin moyoung marker na AROM OR NATIVE IPILIPIL OR TWIN ROCKS IN TRIAGULAR FORMATION AND U MEASRE IT 5MTRS ALLIGNED TO EAST OR SUN AND OPEN THE DOOR IN THE THE TWIN ROCK OR TWIN AROMA AND BE CAREFUL THEIER IS BOMBED IN REACHING 5MTRS. THATS ALL GOOD LUCK THAT IS WEWRE THE TRESR BURIED GIGE YOUR CP NUMBR. THAQNKS MY E MAI AD HERMENEGILDOSANCHEZ73@YAHOO.COM

  49. Mike Says:

    I need to consult a war veteran who is familiar with threasures buried in the mountains in Cebu, with several tunnels and many signs.. I have seen many sites in Mindanao, Philippines and Cebu and they are really something that I need to consult. If you truly knows what I am talking about, please contact me.

  50. rafael Says:

    to anyone hu cud help me!

    we found a diamond like tomb atop the mountains, we dig around and found strip necktie,what does it mean? the foot side of tomb directly facing sunrise from east and lying slightly slide from d knife edge of the mountain…2-4 meters from d foot side of tomb was 2 rare big trees and in the west side of the tomb approximately a kilometer was the remain of WWII japanese airplane!
    plz email me for any help,comments and suggestion to ”
    or call 09094441238!thankz poh

  51. rain Says:

    bkit sa abra part ng coldilyera alang mga prospect eh dami pumupunta na japs like sa school when they left tinumba lang nla yung small flag pole taz chane sew nla yung acasia at center..mababaw lang yung mga kinuha is posible na may mas malaki pa sa kinuha nila ang naiwan dun..thanks

  52. Jm Says:

    Giveaways lang ang kinukuha ng Japs. Usually there are 2 to 4 more bigger deposits ang naiiwan pero mahirap hukayin, malalim at makapal ang tabon at vault at karaniwan delikado dahil may lason.

  53. warren roy tanedo Says:

    sir who can i contact for possible treasure. for verification if its positive? some of the aetas ive knowned are going to give me site. so i wul like to have a contact. txt me at 09083999975

  54. Al Says:

    I am very curious about this treasure hunt in Phil. My brother who lives in Ormoc, Leyte ay kasama nag dig and he said they are now about 30 ft. with water level na. They are pumping the water out and continue digging. He said he saw the map, nakuha na daw yong mga signs etc.
    I now live abroad for 11 yrs. now. MY QUESTION, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF MAY NAKAKUHA BA TALAGA NG GOLD IN PHIL.? I heard so much about this but I never heard anyone that got it.
    Again, I am just so curious and somewhat interested I guess. It is truly fascinating…

  55. Jm Says:


    Amerika nga ay nakinabang sa gold deposits. Lahat ng mayayamang bansa ay mayrong depository bank si Makoy. Lahat ng yan ay nakuha sa Yamashita treasure. Not to mention yun nakulimbat na 2,000 pounds na buddha kay Rogelio Roxas na may kasama pang isang dakot na gems sa leeg nito. (Nakakwento ko minsan ang kaibigan ng anak ni Rogelio Roxas na member ng THAPI).
    Pati mga book writer ay nabulabog sa natuklasan nila kaya ilang mga aklat na rin ang na-publish internationally. Katunayan meron akong RAIDERS OF THE LOST GOLD na binili ko sa National Book Store Shangrila Edsa.
    Wag ka magkaroon ng doubt o duda tungkol sa ginto na baon ng hapon. Ang pagdudahan mo kung meron ba talagang laman ang hinuhukayan ng kamaganak mo. Or kung meron man ay tama kaya ang kanilang direksyon. Sana magtagumpay kayo,ang tagumpay nyo ay tagumpay ng bayan! TANDAAN: ANG MGA GOLD BARS AY DI NAKALAGAY SA LUPA LANG. KARANIWAN ITO NAKALAGAY SA LOOB NG DAMBUHALANG BATO O KAYA AY NAKAPALOOB SA MAITIM AT UBOD NG TIGAS NA GA-SAHIG NA SEMENTO!!!

  56. kriz Says:

    hello…i’m kriz…our land in mindanao centered of the forest and hills,rivers…but theirs many signs look like caves at the hills sites.I wondered that signs is like also tunnel inside very huge and four form dig at the hills facing the river.I asking this signs is this Yamashita Treasure Tunnel?What will we do? please reply me for your opinions about this..thanks…

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  58. Rolando Says:

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  59. Elacibo Says:

    kung may mahukay man na yamashita treasure sa pinas at ang nakahukay ay wlang alam kung saan ipagbili ang ginto. ang sa akin lang na palagay baka kumpiskahin ng gobyerno ng pinas at mauwi sa wala ang pinaghirapan. ano ang ipapayu nyo kung sakaling….


    Rolando Sales, Please contact Art Palpallatoc email SKPE art.palpallatoc1 Would like to discuss a possible recovery funding, Thanks

  61. antonio Says:

    gud day may kaibigan ako pinuntahan yung lupa nya ng koreano at hapon pinipilit cla na bilhin d nila bnenta may part yung lupa na interested ang hapon nung puntahan nila may nakita cla semento akala nila treasure wala laman. tumigil cla lagpas tao ang lalim maliit lang butas ng balikan nila gumuho ang bundok lumaki ang guwang ng lupa. hinukay nila uli.nakakuha cla mga gas mask, granada,2 canten,1 kuly gold.1 kulay silver, may tatak yung gold,pure deposit full lf danger.may mga bala ng mataas na calibre ng baril may landmine, sa d kalayuan may nakuha mga buto ng tao.may nakuha cla injection bottle kulay green,may mmga bote din ng lason,mabaho masakit sa ilong.tumigil na cla ngayon kc takot cla baka gumuho lupa. lagpas tao pa din.

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