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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with world history. History gives as the knowledge on how the world was before our time, how past civilizations rise and fall, and how our ancestors way of life affected our world as we know it today.

The Philippines is no stranger to world history. This Southeast Asian island nation have been the stage to some of the world’s most significant events in the past millennium, the Spanish colonial empire which started in the 16th century, the Pacific stage of the Second World War in the 1940’s, and the 1986 EDSA People’s Power Revolution, known as the “bloodless revolution”, to name a few.

But if you visit the Philippines today, particularly its capital Manila, one can only imagine how this once hailed “city of the orient”, rich with colorful history, has turned into a densely populated urban settlement, riddled with garbage and pollution, and traffic congestion that paralyzes the nation’s economic growth.

All is not lost for the Philippines today when it comes to tourist attraction. It still has its world class beaches (Boracay), diving spots (Tubbataha Reef Marine Park), and natural wonders (Mayon Vocano). Even Manila can be considered by some as a rich tourist destination, especially for travelers who love historical architectures and artifacts (Intramuros).

It is but unfortunate that the façade of today’s Philippines (especially Manila) is negatively rated compared to the exquisiteness of its past history. Will this island nation still recover from the trenches of modern urbanization and development (or in its case, backward development)? Only the future holds the answer.

But we can still relive the glory days of the Philippines past – through pictures. Thanks to the internet, some of the best sights, scenes, events, and memories of the old Philippines, captured on film and pictures, have been posted for our viewing pleasures.

Below are some of the old Philippine pictures available on the net. For more pictures visit the following sites:

Old Manila Nostalgia

Old Manila and Philippine Islands

Old Philippines in 3D

Pasig River 1938

Pasig River 1938

Old Escolta Manila

Old Escolta Manila

Magallanes Monument 1920 - this monument was destroyed during WWII

Magallanes Monument 1920


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  1. pasigriveravenger Says:

    i can only imagine manila having wide open spaces back then and a river that would compare to the other notable bodies of water all over the world.

    looking at our present environment, i wonder if what he have right now can be considered as the result of progress.

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