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New Bilibid Prison

The New Bilibid Prison (NBP) (also known as the National Bilibid Prison), located in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, is one of the seven and most famous main insular correctional facilities for convicted male prisoners in the Philippines. The institution is operated and maintained by various Philippine government agencies, particularly, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Bureau of Corrections, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Often called the “Bilibid”, the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City was not the original prison facility that carries the Bilibid moniker. The old Bilibid prison located in the Mayhalique Estate in Oroquieta Street Sta. Cruz, Manila was built by the Spanish authorities in 1847 to incarcerate prisoners during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. The prison was established in accordance to a decree issued by the office of the Governor General or Section 1708 of the Revised Administrative Code. It was then formally opened by a royal decree in 1865. The penitentiary was divided into two main buildings. One is known as the ‘Carcel’ which can accommodate 600 prisoners. Prisoners incarcerated in the Carcel were divided according to class, sex, and the degree of the crimes they had committed. The other main building in the prison compound was called the ‘Presidio’. This building was designed to accommodate 527 prisoners. All in all, before it was referred to as the Bilibid prison, this main Spanish-era prison facility was called the ‘Carcel y Presidio Correcional’.

At the start of the 20th century, during the early American colonial rule, a modern 200 bed capacity hospital was added to the old Bilibid prison compound. A carpentry workshop was also built for the prisoners to hone their skills in woodworking and later to sell their crafts.

During the Commonwealth era under the presidency of Manuel Quezon, a growing number of prisoners admitted in the old Bilibid prison (this is due to an increased population and rapid urbanization of Manila) paved way for the creation and implementation of Commonwealth Act No. 67 ordering the construction of a new national prison facility in Muntinlupa City to replace the old Bilibid prison. The construction of the new prison compound started in 1935 with a budget of 1,000,000 Philippine pesos.

All prisoners incarcerated in the old Bilibid compound were transferred to the new prison facility in Muntinlupa city on November 15, 1940. At that time, the new penitentiary can accommodate up to 3,000 prisoners. On January 22, 1941, in a small ceremony attended by government officials and other luminaries, the new prison compound became officially known as the New Bilibid Prison.

Old Bilibid Prison 1899

Old Bilibid Prison 1902

Old Bilibid Prison 1910


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  1. Randy Smith Says:

    I am looking for information about Clarita Villaneuva, who around 1951 was a demon possessed (?) prisoner. A Pastor named Lester Sumrall claims to have cast the demon from the girl. What I seek is the truth of the matter. Was she possessed and was Mr. Sumrall even there at the time?
    I thankyou for your time and help.

    Randy Smith

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    im looking from the wife of Gilberto llamoso, her name is rosalie zaide and his son ? if anyone who know rosalie who visiting years Gilberto..we lost contact on her ..please reply

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    pki lang ako if cnu nakakakilala kay mark acuevas kasi nakakulong sya now sa muntinlupa ako nga pala si margie marin nais ko lang ipaabot sa kanyang mahal mahl ko pa din sya salamat

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    wanted for etc and feleciana macusi

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    Marian, paki text mo nalang po ako- 0927-610-0072. Volunteer ako sa bilibid, baka matulungan kita.

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    .i want to know the problems encountered in rehabilitation programs by the new national bilibid prison in muntinlupa city.. thanks who help me ‘ ‘ ‘

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