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Today I will discuss another old but popular Philippine folk song, the classic – Leron Leron Sinta.

Leron Leron Sinta is about a man named “Leron” and her sweetheart “Neneng”. The song revolves around the adventures of the two sweethearts as they pick fruits from trees (papaya and tamarind trees) one day. Let’s discuss the verses of this folk song in detail.

Leron, Leron sinta, buko ng papaya

Dala-dala’y buslo, sisidlan ng bunga

Pagdating sa dulo, nabali ang sanga

Kapus kapalaran humanap ng iba.

Here we hear “Neneng” singing about her love “Leron” climbing a papaya tree. Leron brought with him a basket where he expects to put the ripe papaya fruit he picked up from the tree. Unfortunately, a branch from the tree broke and Leron fell from above. The verse ended with Neneng singing what tough luck that was and that she would just have to look for another (whether she will look for another sweetheart or another tree is unclear in the lyrics).

Halika na Neneng, tayo’y manampalok

Dalhin mo ang buslo, sisidlan ng hinog

Pagdating sa dulo’y uunda-undayog

Kumapit ka Neneng, baka ka mahulog.

In this verse, Leron is singing to Neneng as he invites her to pick up some tamarinds. She asked her to bring the basket for the ripe tamarind fruits. As Neneng reaches the top, the branch of the tree swayed. The worried Leron then asked to Neneng to hold on tight or she might also fall.

Halika na Neneng at tayo’y magsimba

At iyong isuot ang baro mo’t saya

Ang baro mo’t sayang pagkaganda-ganda

Kay ganda ng kulay — berde, puti, pula.

In the third verse, Leron invites Neneng to go to church. He requests Neneng to wear her beautiful “terno” dress (baro at saya – traditional Philippine dress and skirt). The verse ends as Leron describes and appreciates the color of Neneng’s baro and saya (green, white, red combination).

Ako’y ibigin mo, lalaking matapang

Ang sundang ko’y pito, ang baril ko’y siyam.

Ang lalakarin ko’y parte ng dinulang.

Isang pinggang pansit, ang aking kalaban!

In the final verse of this folk song, Leron proposes his love for Neneng. He boastfully tells her to love her because he is a brave man. He owns seven swords and nine guns. And as he walks a long journey ahead, his only foe is a plate full of “pancit” (a Philippine noodle dish of Chinese origin).

Leron Leron Sinta is a classic work song that is believed to have originated in the provinces and was traditionally sang during the papaya harvest season. It has a call and response verse pattern and is typically sung in duet by a man and a woman, with some minor alteration in the lyrics. It is also a favorite performance piece by choral groups. With the combination of an upbeat feel and witty lyrics, Leron Leron Sinta has become a timeless Philippine folk song loved by millions of Filipinos from the heydays of the “kundiman” era to the generations to come.

Leron Leron Sinta (with Alternate Lyrics)

by Nora Aunor


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