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Just want to give our dear readers a shout out for this pretty cool app available for download for iPhone and Android phone users.

For all of you out there interested in learning (or needs some translation work) for the enigmatic ancient Philippine writing script – the Baybayin (or also commonly known as the Alibata) – there’s this application which you can download and use on your iPhone or Android mobile devices that gives the user translations or transpositions of any Roman characters or the Latin script (ex. The English Alphabet) and convert it accurately into a Baybayin text.

To use this awesome Baybayin translator, just type in any Roman text you might want to convert or translate to a Baybayin script in the app’s input box. As soon as you type any letter, the app automatically shows you its equivalent Baybayin characters below the input box area.

You have an option to choose from – the traditional Baybayin translations or the modified (with the ‘kudlit’ or a plus symbol) Baybayin translations – each time you input any text in the translator.

This app is useful for students to use as a learning tool for their Baybayin studies, tattoo enthusiasts who needs some translations for their next Baybayin script tattoo designs, or anyone who loves Philippine history especially this ancient and mysterious pre-Filipino writing script.

Head over to the following links below to download the Baybayin Translator App for iPhone and Android users.

Baybayin Translator for iPhone

Baybayin Translator for Android

Many thanks to Christian Cabuay of – the primary site to learn and understand the Baybayin script – for providing all us fans of this ancient Filipino writing system this wonderful and useful app.


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